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Build your own computer with PC Configurator

Building your own PC has never been easier

Building your own Desktop Computer can be very interesting and satisfying job, but not everyone is expert and you can stuck on things like compatibility between components. With the PC Configurator we offer you easiest way to build your own computer without the hassle. To access the feature follow the link below. 

Build your own PC

To simplify things even more watch  InStore Custom PC Builder Help Video when you visit the page.

At the moment ordering process is not automated and PC Configurator can be used only to build your pc and make the quote. We then will contact you to confirm the order and to process it from our side.             

How to make a quote

Once all the requered components have been selected (picture 1-1) the Create Quote button will become available (picture 1-2). When you click on the button new pop-up window will come up (picture 1-3). Enter your name in Quote Ref. field and your email or phone number in Contact Details field.

PC Builder (Picture 1-1)

Complete you PC configuration. Picture 1-1

Create Quote (Picture 1-2)

Submit your quote to enable order. Picture 1-2

Quote Details (Picture 1-3)

Enter you Contact details. Picture 1-3

Don't forget that you are not alone in the process of building your dream PC. If you stull need help with our PC Configurator do not hesitate to contact us on our email, phone or chat.